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Introducing Savio.

Savio is a global, multi-platform marketplace application connecting research buyers with research experts on demand who can assist with any part of the research cycle and help deliver the service missing from online insights tools.

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How You Can Engage with Savio

Research Buyers

Use Savio to find and hire market research experts for any aspect of your project on demand. 

Explore our marketplace of experienced research pros ready to work on your project and deliver the service you need. If you use MR tech platforms but need help with your project, Savio was specifically designed for you.

Research Experts  

Use Savio to get paid for your market research expertise. Work flexible hours to match your lifestyle.  

Help buyers complete their research projects with consultative support in your area of expertise (questionnaire design, field management, moderation, analysis, strategy, and more.)

Online Insights Platforms  

Use Savio to deliver service so you can focus on software.

Increase customer satisfaction and make your application more sticky by offering consulting services with a Savio integration. 

Savio launches in Summer 2017.

Over the next several weeks, we will be reaching out to our list to provide more information about how you can get involved in Savio - either to find and hire market research consultants on demand or to provide and get paid for your expertise.

  • We won't send you spam.

Brought to you by GreenBook

Savio was developed by GreenBook, the market research industry media company behind the GRIT Report, the GreenBook Blog, the IIeX conference series, the GreenBook Directory and more. Our mission is to connect marketers and market researchers with people, information, and ideas that generate big results. To learn more, visit

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